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What We Do

Running your business requires focus.  Although managing your workforce is critical, it can be a time‐consuming departure to the “business of business”.  Do you have questions, issues, or concerns regarding your employees?  For example:

  • How do I find the best employees?

  • What benefits (if any) should I offer?

  • Why do I need an employee handbook?

  • How do I properly handle employee problems?

  • What is a fair salary to pay my employees?

  • Am I complying with wage & hour laws (or other employment laws)?

  • What records do I need to keep?

Are you unsure how to handle such issues and situations without creating or increasing risk to you and your business?  We can help!
Ridgedale Business Solutions is ready to provide real‐time answers to any of your concerns, and to discuss how we can design programs that will ensure compliance with laws and regulations.  In addition, we can help you to recruit, retain, and motivate the best employees for your business.  RBS has the answers!

Our mission is to help manage your most important resource in business ‐‐ your employees.  If not handled properly and in a timely manner, HR situations and issues can escalate quickly and potentially lead to legal and regulatory problems, as well as tax consequences.  As a business owner, it’s not prudent to make a mistake that could leave you and your business at risk.  RBS will take care of your human resource needs so you can take care of your business!

Please refer to the Services & Solutions page for examples of the services we offer.




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